Celebrity nonsense

An advert for Channel Five? In the Express? Surely not.

Has Channel Five just been bought by the owner of the Daily Express or something? More reports of shameless Channel Five-plugging by Richard Desmond’s rags can be found over at Tabloid… Read more


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Slow ‘news’ day?

If I told you the “news” story that’s currently featured in the Mail’s “So what?” box was titled “Bleakley has slimmer arms”, would you believe me?Well…It’s almost as if the person who wrote this headline was simply fed up with trying to make the… Read more

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Emmerdale causes ‘outrage’

After the “outrage” caused by Jeremy Clarkson announcing on Top Gear he’d seen saucy underwear beneath a Muslim woman’s burka, the next programme to cause a fuss is Emmerdale. Yes, that’s right. Emmerdale. As the Mail reports: A media… Read more


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The ‘So what?’ box

Whenever you visit the Daily Mail web-site, the first thing that confronts you will be a large box towards the centre of the page. This box, which will be called from now on the “So what?” box, is where all the stories that make you go “So… Read more


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