‘Woman drops shopping’

What’s more embarrassing about this story from the Daily Mail website…?

Shop til you drop! Leggy Ali Larter spills grocery bag on car park floor: Had to rescue mango

…the fact that it’s essentially about some woman you’ve never heard of dropping a shopping bag…?

Whoops: Ali Larter spilled her bag of groceries on the floor as she loaded up her shopping outside Whole Foods in West Hollywood today  Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2155192/Ali-Larter-spills-grocery-bag-car-park-floor.html#ixzz1x0fdrsDK

…or the fact that the imperilled fruit actually turned out to be a watermelon, and not a mango at all?

Steady hand: Luckily Ali's watermelon made it into the trunk of her car unscathed

As “Ia G” from London says:

Erm…the sidebar caption refers to the rescue of a mango…but where are the pictures of this? You can’t entice readers with such a ‘scoop’ but fail to deliver the full story of this catastrophic event! I need to know whar happened to the mango DM!!!!

(Hat-tip to Foster Congrave.)

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  1. Luke

    Where you been all this time?

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