Is it news or rubbernecking that drives Mail Online?

Once again, the Mail Online homepage has been rearranged to promote an article about a horrific event which is, as ever, accompanied by a plethora of images:

British motor racing driver Dan Wheldon dies in ball of flames after horrific 15-car pile-up at 225mph chasing $5m IndyCar win bonus

The article, which is attributed to the “Daily Mail Reporter”, includes no fewer than 14 photographs of the crash, taken from multiple angles.

The “Scroll down for video” line is a particularly tasteful addition.

Earlier this year, the Mail were criticising the BBC for showing a man’s death, claiming they were doing so merely “for ratings”.

Yet on the very same day, they rearranged their homepage again to show “moment a human canonball plunged to his death”.

Why did they do this? “For ratings”.

And it was only last month that the Mail again rearranged their homepage to show the image of Michael Jackson’s dead body.

The reason? “For ratings”.

And a few weeks before that, the Mail had published horrific photographs of two Mexicans who’d been disembowled and left hanging from a bridge.

Why? “For ratings”.

The Mail Online’s publisher Martin Clarke once said:

News is far more important to us than showbiz. News is what drives our site.

Surely he meant to say that “celebrity drivel and rubbernecking are what drive our site”…

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  1. @Al__S

    somewhat unfortunately, adsense has served up a No Win, No Fee “Suffered an injury” lawyer advert on this story…

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