Express churns out an advert for Sainsbury’s

From today’s edition of “The World’s Greatest Newspaper”:


“Consumer Affairs Editor” Dana Gloger writes:

CASH-STRAPPED parents were thrown a lifeline yesterday as supermarket Sainsbury’s slashed the price of all toys by half.

The offer which applies to every toy in more than 400 stores – all those stores that sell toys – starts today and will run until next Wednesday, November 2.


The biggest saving will be on the Hornby West Coast Highlander Train Set which retails at £129.98 and will be on offer for £64.99. Other huge savings can be snapped up on the Wooden Doll House and Furniture Pack, which will cost £49.99, rather than its usual £99.99.

And Scalextric fans will be in for a treat with prices slashed from £79.98 to £39.99.

And so on…

You’d be forgiven for thinking Gloger’s article reads uncannily like a Sainsbury’s press release because, well, that’s precisely where it came from.

According to the excellent, Gloger’s article is 41% cut and 32% pasted from Sainsbury’s original press release.

Here’s what Peter Hill, the Daily Express’s former editor and current columnist, had to say to the House of Commons culture, media and sport select committee back in 2009:

He also attacked press commentators’ use of the word “churnalism” to denote the rewriting of press releases and falling standards in journalism.

“It’s a rubbish word. It’s a gimmicky word. The standards of journalism have massively increased over the years,” Hill said.

Right, of course…

And speaking of gimmicks, what’s this on the front page of today’s Express…?

“World’s Greatest Newspaper”, indeed…

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