News International buys ‘’

Following Thursday’s announcement that the News of the World will be published for the last time tomorrow, it’s very likely that News International’s plans for making The Sun a 7-days-a-week operation are going to start moving along a little faster.

As a title, “The Sunday Sun” is already taken by a local North East paper, so the likely alternative is “The Sun on Sunday”. As such, it would appear that News International has already begun the process of securing itself a website for the new publication.

According to The Register, News International owns ““, a domain which they bought in 1997 before the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act came into force. Currently, “” redirects to an error page on the News of the World’s website.

A number of new sources have recently reported that the domain “” was purchased by an unknown company this week.

However, as I noticed last night, the registered owner of the domain has now been changed to News International, with the registrant’s address listed as being that of News International’s Wapping headquarters:

This is perhaps the latest and clearest sign that Murdoch’s decision to close the News of the World was far from a last-ditch effort to recover from the phone hacking scandal, but merely a convenient way of moving their existing plans for introducing a 7-day-a-week Sun forward.

Watch this space…


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3 Responses to News International buys ‘’

  1. Miles

    Interestingly, the News Of The World magazine that accompanied the paper used to be called Sunday…..

  2. Al

    This was mentioned the other day on channel 4 news. Bought from the ’123′ domain website. I honestly still can’t get my head around the fact that the news of the world was the biggest selling paper….

  3. Rankersbo

    I did notice myself, wondered if it was cybersquatters speculating or a front company.

    The unknown company could have been cybersquatters who have now made their buck quicker than expected.

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