Apology on front page of the Sun

Yes, you read that correctly. The front page of today’s Sun features an apology… but it’s not the Sun that’s doing the apologising:

It refers to the story the Guardian decided to splash with on Tuesday:

Here’s the full text of the Guardian’s apology which, unlike the original claim, doesn’t appear on the front page:

Articles in the Guardian of Tuesday 12 July incorrectly reported that the Sun newspaper had obtained information on the medical condition of Gordon Brown’s son from his medical records. In fact the information came from a different source and the Guardian apologises for its error (The Brown files: How Murdoch papers targeted ex-PM’s family, 12 July, page 1; When Brown decided that the Sun was out to destroy him politically, 12 July, page 2).

UPDATE: The Press Gazette contacted the Guardian and asked them about the “relative size and position of today’s apology, compared to the original front-page piece”. A spokesperson replied, stating:

The Sun’s complaint to the Guardian was dealt with in the usual way by our independent readers’ editor. An apology was printed at the top of our daily corrections and clarifications column, which sits alongside the leader column and at the heart of the newspaper. This is where all corrections and clarifications have been published each day since the readers’ editor’s office was established 14 years ago and is where our readers expect to see it.

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