Mail on Sunday and Daily Star Sunday fight over Pippa Middleton

What is it about property buying that gets the Daily Star titles so excited?

On Wednesday, the Daily Star called Imogen’s visit to the estate agent a “sexy girlie romp”.

And today, the Daily Star Sunday is leading with the “news” that Pippa Middleton has been looking at properties with George Percy:

The article claims that Middleton and long-time friend George Percy “look set to seal their love after spending three hours at a top property firm”.

They also say:

The Duchess of ­Cambridge’s younger sister and aristocratic George were spotted leaving the ­Grosvenor property group.

The company owns some of London’s most expensive and exclusive streets.

The couple, who used to be flatmates at Edinburgh ­University, recently rekindled their romance after Pippa and her fiancé Alex Loudon grew apart.

But, this revelation will probably come as a surprise to the Mail on Sunday, who are today saying that they’ve been “reliably informed” that Middleton and Loudon are still together:

Sorry chaps, Pippa's STILL dating nice guy Alex Loudon

The Mail quotes a family member as saying:

All the rumours are completely untrue.

The article also includes a quote from a “university contemporary”, who said:

Pippa and George are friends, but that is all. Pippa doesn’t fancy George, she’s very into Alex.

Alex is the nicest chap you could meet. He’s incredibly sweet, loyal and adores Pippa, but they make a point of seeing each other very privately and don’t go to flash places.

Who’s right? To be honest, I really do not care and nor should you. But it’s interesting to see that both papers could have come to such wildly different conclusions from such sturdy evidence… Both prime examples of top journalism.

Back to today’s groundbreaking news from the Star, which is, of course, described in the kind of lurid detail you’d expect from a thoroughly downmarket Desmond title like the Daily Star Sunday.

Middleton is variously described as being “sexy” and “fit”, and we’re also helpfully told that she “showed off her world-famous rear in tight shorts and a running vest” in a 50-mile race yesterday.

The article even quotes one “event official” as saying:

She looked very keen. There were a lot of people who couldn’t ­resist taking a peek at that ­famous rear end when she started doing her stretches though.

All of this placed below a photo of Geri Halliwell’s “saucy strip show” (she took her bikini top off for a bit).

And Richard Desmond, the proprietor of this garbage, had the temerity to say that he doesn’t sell pornography

By the way, does anyone know what the “£315m man” from the Star’s front page is supposed to mean? Is it The Six Million Dollar Man, adjusted for inflation?

Also, if the name in the byline for the Star’s article is familiar, that’s because it is:

That’s the same Clive Goodman who used to work as the royal editor and reporter for the News of the World until he was arrested for illegally intercepting voicemail messages from Clarence House.

I bet his articles were somewhat more accurate back in those days…

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