Does the Express know what it’s talking about?

Remember when I said that certain newspapers don’t seem to know the difference between the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, which are arguably two of their favourite subjects?

Well, today’s Daily Express carries a very prominent example of this.

The story in question, written by Macer Hall, is about the Commons decision from yesterday, where MPs “overwhelmingly rejected proposals to give prisoners the vote”.

As I’ve said before, the issue of votes for prisoners has nothing whatsoever to do with the European Union. The ruling comes from the European Court of Human Rights which is a part of the Council of Europe, an entirely different institution to the European Union.

Yet, despite all that, the Express seems keen to imply that the EU and the ECHR are one and the same:

The article begins:

EUROPE was given a stark warning of the depth of Britain’s fury with EU interference and meddling last night.

They further add:

The moment of defiance, after decades of submitting to EU institutions, was being seen as a turning point in the battle for British independence from European edicts, judges and bureaucracy.

Now, there’s one of two things happening here:

Either the Express really do think the ECHR is part of the EU, which means that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Or they’re being deliberately dishonest, in which case they have no respect for their readers.

Whichever it is, the Express is still no more deserving of the title “World’s Greatest Newspaper”.


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2 Responses to Does the Express know what it’s talking about?

  1. Jon

    I think they know exactly what they're talking about, which is the real problem – so I agree with the second of your two options. They respect their readers as a source of revenue, and that's about it.

  2. Djct

    Still at least we in Britain now know that we are one of the few Council of Europe states that stands up in favour of a total ban on votes for convicted prisoners, alongside such bastions of free speech and democracy as Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Armenia – a proud day for us all to stand beside our allies in the fight against dictatorship

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