99% of Express readers agree with the Express

The Express, on yet another “Crusade”, has this on today’s front page:

It follows yesterday’s front page, in which the Express throws it’s… er… weight behind the campaign to withdraw Britain from the European Union:

Yesterday’s front page caused quite a storm (perhaps mainly because the Express’ front pages are usually about misleading health stories or Princess Diana). As the Express themselves say in today’s article:

The newspaper’s phone lines and website were flooded with people backing our pioneering decision to become the first national newspaper in the country to call for British independence from the EU.

The online version of yesterday’s article received, at time of writing, 211 comments, which is normal for a main story on the Mail website but most unusual for one on Express.co.uk.

There are a few obvious points to make about today’s front page:

  • The poll was conducted by the Daily Express and advertised in the Daily Express; therefore, the vast majority of voters would be Express readers (people who already subscribe to that paper’s anti-EU line)
  • People who don’t read the Express, who found out about the paper’s support for the Better Off Out campaign and support it too, will have joined the Express readers in voting
  • People who don’t want Britain to leave the European Union won’t bother voting in such a poll
  • Most phone polls conducted by the Express end up with 99% agreement with the paper’s line, anyway

These are all obvious points indeed but they have to be stated. I will also add that the overwhelming agreement with the Express’ campaign probably has a lot to do with the Express’ constant drip-drip of misleading stories about the EU, clearly written to make people angry and frustrated.

A short disclaimer: This blog is strictly impartial when it comes to political issues, like Britain’s membership of the European Union. I do not criticise the media’s coverage of the EU because I necessarily support it; I do so because the coverage is often intentionally misleading, dishonest or unfair (such recent examples can be found here, here, here and here).


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3 Responses to 99% of Express readers agree with the Express

  1. Anonymous

    Well, all media is guilty of intentionally misleading at one point or another… Fortunately we are all born with the ability to think for ourselves, although increasingly we have not used that freedom, for one reason or another.

    Funny really, when you consider that the internet opens up a quick, easy and free resource which will offer you multiple perspectives on a given story from every corner of the world. It will even translate foreign languages for you. It's never been easier to make up your own mind.

    I don't read any newspapers. I just use the internet to browse the key stories and gather perspective from media websites and blogs (hence I arrived here)

    I applaud the Express for making an effort to take a stand, but I think even their most avid supporters will concede that they'll achieve absolutely nothing.

    If only they'd go with a headline like '99% of you say: Withdraw all money from banks on December 9th!'

  2. Daz

    So, what they really mean is "99% of people who already agree with us enough regularly confirm their biases by reading our biased publication, agree with us". Meh.

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